Is pickleball fever gripping you? If you want to learn how to play or level up your pickleball, some online platforms and resources can help you. Here’s a detailed guide on where to find pickleball lessons, tips, Pickleball Coaching, and strategies online: 

Platforms for Every Learner

  • USA Pickleball: The USA Pickleball website is a valuable resource for anyone interested in learning or improving their pickleball game. It offers comprehensive sports information, including the rules, techniques, and strategies. The site also details places to play pickleball across the United States, organizes tournaments, and offers coaching and educational resources. 
  • Pickleball Channel: The website is a comprehensive resource for learning and improving your game. It features a variety of video content, including recent videos, Pickleball 411, quick tips, winning tips, and coverage of other tournaments. The site also offers recordings of previous live streams of pickleball events, like the US Open Pickleball Championships. 

These resources are valuable for both beginners and experienced players, providing insights into game strategies, skill enhancement, and the latest developments in pickleball.

platforms for every learner

Miniseries that Pack a Punch

“WeArePickle” is an online platform dedicated to training pickleball players, focusing on a deeper understanding of the game’s mechanics, Pickleball Tactics, and strategies. Aiming to enhance playing potential, they offer a free miniseries comprising three workshops. These sessions, scheduled for release over the coming weeks, aim to clarify key concepts and strategies, address common fears and doubts in players, and provide a framework used by “WeArePickle” to coach thousands of students. 

miniseries that pack a punch

Bonus Tips

  • Practice makes perfect! Supplement online learning with regular court time.
  • Find a playing partner or group. Learning and improving becomes more fun with friends.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help! Many online communities and local pickleball clubs offer guidance and support.


With the right platform and dedication, you’ll be volleying your way to pickleball victory in no time! So grab your paddle, tune in to these resources, and get ready to dominate the court!


What does USA Pickleball offer? 

USA Pickleball provides extensive resources for learning and improving pickleball, including rules, techniques, and tournament information.

What content is available on the Pickleball Channel? 

The Pickleball Channel features various instructional videos and coverage of pickleball tournaments.

What is “WeArePickle”? 

“WeArePickle” is an online platform offering a free miniseries to improve pickleball skills and strategies.

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