Get ready to make your mark on the pickleball court with a super move that changes the game! It’s called the lob shot, like a surprise leap in the air, sailing the ball right over the other player’s head. This clever shot is a game-changer for players at all levels. It turns the tables whether you’re attacking or defending. This guide will show you how to master lob in pickleball. So grab your paddle and turn you into a lob shot pro!

Understanding the Lob shot in Pickleball

What is a Lob?

A lob is a high, soft shot hit over an opponent’s head. Its primary aim is to be out of reach, forcing the opponent to scramble backwards. The success of a lob lies in its height and placement, ideally landing near the baseline. A lob shot in pickleball is one of the Pickleball Tactics.

When to Use a Lob

  • Against Net Players: When opponents position themselves close to the net, a well-executed lob can push them back, creating open court spaces for offensive plays.
  • Defensive Strategy: Under pressure, a lob can reset the point, allowing the lobbing player to regain a tactical advantage.
  • Pace Alteration disrupts the rhythm of opponents who favor fast-paced, aggressive play.
understanding the lob shot in pickleball

Executing the Perfect Lob

Basic Techniques

Grip: Employ a continental grip, similar to a handshake.

Footwork: Step back with your non-dominant foot, aligning your body for the shot.

Swing: Utilize a short, controlled swing, focusing on brushing the ball with the paddle to create a backspin.

Contact Point: Strike the ball at its peak to achieve maximum height.

Key Tips for Win

  • Aim for softness rather than power.
  • Target the baseline to avoid easy smashes from the opponent.
  • Incorporate backspin for additional control and difficulty in return.

What Are the Offensive Lob Tips

  • Opponent Positioning: Execute the lob when the opponent is leaning forward at the net.
  • Disguise: Make the lob look like a dink shot, using body movements to mislead.
  • Height: Ensure the lob is high enough to prevent easy smashes.

Learn Defensive Lob Strategies

  • Use only as a last resort.
  • Aim extra high, giving time to reposition.
  • Target the middle of the opponent’s opponent’s court to reduce their angle of attack.

How to Practice the Perfect Lob

Regular practice is crucial. Work on the lob in non-competitive settings to build confidence. One must take Pickleball Coaching tips for lob shots in pickleball. Focus on:

  • Height and Distance Control: Practice achieving the proper arc and depth.
  • Disguising the Lob: Work on making your lob indistinguishable from other shots.
  • Different Court Positions: Try lobbing from various locations, including the baseline and non-volley zone.
practicing the lob

Understanding the Lob’s Impact

Why It Works

The effectiveness of the lob stems from its unpredictability and ability to force opponents out of their comfort zones. Adding a lob to your arsenal introduces a new element that opponents must anticipate, disrupting their game plan.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

  • Overusing the lob, making it predictable.
  • Hitting too low leads to easy smashes by the opponent.
  • Ignoring wind conditions can drastically affect the lob’s trajectory.

Do’s and Don’ts

  • Do use top spin when possible to pull the lob down.
  • Don’t lob against the wind, as it’s likely to carry the ball out of bounds.
  • Consider the sun and indoor lighting when playing outdoors and indoors, respectively.
understanding the lob's impact


The lob shot in pickleball is a versatile and strategic tool that dramatically enhances your game. By understanding when and how to use it, practicing its execution, and being mindful of the do’s and don’ts, you can effectively incorporate the lob into your play style. With these tips and consistent practice, you can surprise your opponents and gain the upper hand in your pickleball matches.

Happy pickling, and remember, the key to mastering the lob is practice and strategic use!

lob in pickleball


What is a lob shot in pickleball?

A high, arcing shot over an opponent’s opponent’s head aimed to land near the baseline.

When is the best time to use a lob shot?

When your opponent is close to the net or to change the game’s pace.

How do you hit a lob shot effectively?

Use a continental grip and aim for a high, soft trajectory with a backspin.

What’s a common mistake in executing a lob?

Hitting the lob too low, making it easy for the opponent to smash.

Can all skill levels use a lob shot?

Yes, it’s a versatile shot suitable for players of all levels.

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