Hold onto your Pickleball Paddles! There’s a new game in town sweeping the nation, and it’s not what you’d expect. Welcome to the MLP Pickleball, where excitement meets strategy, and everyone is buzzing about it. From celebrities swinging paddles to hefty paychecks for pros, pickleball is the latest craze you want to take advantage of. Buckle up because this isn’t just any sport – it’s a phenomenon!

The Rise of Pickleball

In just the past few years, pickleball’s growth has exploded. There are over 4.8 million players nationwide, up 40% since 2019. Outdoor courts are popping up in parks across the country. As more people have caught “pickleball fever,” it’s transitioned from a recreational activity to a full-on competitive sport.

In 2021, the professional Pickleball League was formed. Recently, it was rebranded as Major League Pickleball (MLP) after merging with another league. MLP now attracts top talent, big sponsors, and extensive media coverage. Prize pools have ballooned, with some pro players earning over six figures yearly.

the rise of pickleball

What’s Fueling the Pickleball Obsession?

A few factors account for pickleball’s mass appeal:

Accessibility | The sport is easy for amateurs to pick up, thanks to simple rules and equipment. Yet there’s still complexity for competitive play.

Social Aspect | The game facilitates fun interaction since doubles or quad games are standard. Pickleball connects communities.

Excitement Factor | Fast-paced pro matches feature incredible shots and long volleys, especially during the adrenaline-pumping finales.

Equality | Men and women compete together in mixed doubles games, and MLP is taking steps to ensure pay equality.

With its blend of silliness and competitiveness, pickleball grabs attention. Celebrities like Tom Brady are frequently photographed playing it. As more fans have jumped on the bandwagon, pickleball has gained momentum.

what's fueling the pickleball obsession?

Major League Pickleball Gets Upgraded

In response to pickleball’s growth, MLP recently announced a league restructuring for 2024. The 60+ teams will be divided into Premier and Challenger divisions based on revenue and talent.

The top Premier teams will compete in a 40-game season, vying for top seeding. League play culminates in the sought-after Midland Championship. MLP hopes to cement pickleball as a major American sport with more elite competition and swelling cash purses.

Rising Challenger teams could potentially gain promotion into the Premier tier in the coming years. This infusion of new talent and energy will further boost pickleball’s popularity.

The Future of a Phenomenon

Will pickleball soon achieve the status of tennis, basketball, or football? Anything seems possible after its meteoric rise from a quirky pastime to a full-on phenomenon. The party only gets bigger as more fans get turned on to pickleball. MLP’s upgraded 2024 league will likely generate even more buzz and profits.

For the 2024 season, Major League Pickleball will feature 12 franchises in the Premier division and 12 in the Challenger division. The Premier teams include

  • Premier Teams:
    • Arizona (AZ) Drive
    • Columbus Sliders
    • Dallas Pickleball Club
    • D.C. Pickleball Team
    • Los Angeles (LA) Mad Drops
    • New Jersey (NJ) 5s
    • New York (NY) Hustlers
    • Orlando Squeeze
    • Seattle Pioneers
    • St. Louis Shock
    • Texas Ranchers
    • Utah Black Diamonds
  • Challenger Teams:
    • Atlanta Bouncers
    • Austin Pickleballers
    • Bay Area Breakers
    • Brooklyn Aces
    • California BLQK Bears
    • Chicago Slice
    • Florida Smash
    • Frisco Pandas
    • Las Vegas Night Owls
    • Miami Pickleball Club
    • Milwaukee Mashers
    • SoCal Hard Eights
the future of a phenomenon


Pickleball’s charm lies in its accessibility and the thrill of the game. Whether you’re a player dreaming of those big paychecks or a fan looking for your next sports obsession, MLP is where it’s at. With its unique format, growing popularity, and the promise of an exhilarating future, pickleball is not just a passing trend – it’s a revolution in the sports world. 


What is Major League Pickleball (MLP)?

MLP is the professional league for elite pickleball players. It features competitive team play, big sponsors, media coverage, and large cash purses for winning players – some earning over $100K annually.

How is MLP changing in 2024?

In 2024, MLP is restructuring with 60+ teams split into Premier and Challenger divisions based on skill and revenue. There will be more events, competition, and money as pickleball gains prominence.

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