Pickleball is getting more popular day by day in the USA, the rising interest of people in pickleball has brought lots of queries to us such as Court Dimensions for Pickleball, Pickleball court Dimensions in feet, and what standard pickleball net height. 

 The main concern found in these queries was about court dimensions for pickleball, so here we have a complete guide for Pickleball lovers to design their courts.

What are the dimensions of a Pickleball court?

While we are making a permanent or temporary pickleball court, it’s important to know about the standard measurements of the court approved by The United States of America Pickleball Association (USAPA). As shown in the picture below there are specific dimensions of the pickleball court, 20 ft (6.10m) wide and 44 ft (13.41m) long. 

Several zones within the pickleball court are very important such as the “non-volley zone” also called the kitchen, which is 20 feet wide and 7 feet long. Right and left both service areas are 15fts in length and 10fts in width.

The net of the pickleball court is a very crucial part of setting up the court. It must be of the standard size, which is 22fts in length 34 inches in height from the center, and 36 inches (3 feet)  from the posts. The net of the court plays a vital role in the strategy planning of the pickleball. In addition, we will also explore the specifications of the Best Pickleball Paddles for Pickleball lovers.

2 Pickleball court terms

Dimensions of the Pickleball court and its layout can be understood well by these terms. Baseline: It is parallel to the net and draws at the back of the court. Players always serve from behind the baseline.

Kitchen: It is the nickname for the Non-Volley Zone that extends 7fts from the net on both sides. The kitchen in the pickleball court is unique. You may also see this called the Non-Volley Zone or No Volley Zone. To know this in detail explore the Kitchen Rules In Pickleball.

Centre-line: The center-line cuts the court in two halves and runs from the baseline to the kitchen.

Sidelines: Sidelines are on right angles to the net and form side boundaries of the court.

Service Areas: These service courts are the areas on each side of the centerline. Two box-shaped areas were formed by drawing the center line, baseline, sidelines, and kitchen line.

The kitchen is one of the most particular parts of a pickleball court. The kitchen is the nickname for the Non-Volley Zone that starts from the net and lies 7 feet away from the baseline and all of the way to the sidelines of the court.

Pickleball Players can’t stand in the non-volley zone or touch any of its boundaries while volleying the ball. This tells the players to stand away from the net. The non-volley zone is on both sides of the net. The name “non-volley zone” is for players to stop volleying the ball in this part. 

Players play from behind the baseline crosswise into the opposite service area. As the game starts (the ball has been served and rebound) players can volley in the service area.

3 What is the best surface for a pickleball court?

According to UPASA the rules and regulations regarding the dimensions of a pickleball court are rigid, you can play pickleball on a different surface. For example, you can play on tactile, marble asphalt, AstroTurf, clay, wood (Indoor Pickleball sports halls), or even grass floors.

One of the important distinctions between indoor and outdoor pickleball courts is the playing surface. Mostly, indoor pickleball courts are made by using a specific polyurethane sports surface, whilst most home and backyard courts are made of concrete or marble. 

Concrete base with pickleball court modular tiles is the most demanded and popular option, it gives extra grip and lessens the impact on the lower body of the player.

4 Court dimensions of Pickleball vs. badminton court

Singles badminton courts are tapered than pickleball courts, but in doubles, badminton matches the same 20ft (6.10m) wide by 44ft (13.41m) long court area as pickleball courts are used. Doubles badminton courts are the same size as pickleball courts, which makes them a great choice for playing pickleball around the world.

The line marking is distinct on a badminton court in contrast to a pickleball court. The non-volley zone/kitchen is marked 7ft on both sides of the net, and the front service line is marked 6.5ft away from the net in badminton.

This 1/2 ft difference makes a huge difference in pickleball as the non-volley zone plays a vital role in the game. Talking about the main differentiation between the two courts is the height of the net. In badminton, nets are at a height of 61 inches (154.94cm) from the sides and 59.8 inches (151.89cm) from the center. 

Concluding that badminton nets aren’t a suitable option for pickleball until they are lowered at pickleball net height which isn’t always possible.

5 How do you make a home pickleball court

It is possible to make a temporary pickleball court at home using tape and chalk. Choosing grass as a surface is a suitable option to play in summer. All we need to make a pickleball court at home is these things:

1: Measuring tape

2: A chalk or tape to draw

3: A pickleball net

Pickleball Net Height Specifications

We can make the backyard of our house, always start by setting the net in the center with its specific height. Then draw the baselines followed by side lines. Now it’s time to draw the kitchen non-volley zone. Finally, you can draw the center line and make service centers of the court. We are done with our home pickleball court.


In this article, we have covered all the related information to the court dimensions of pickleball. At Pickleball University you can get all information related to pickleball. Dimensions of the Pickleball court are described in meters and feet both standardized by UPASA.

pickleball court dimensions


1: What is the main difference between a badminton court and a pickleball court?

The height of the net is the main difference, the height of a badminton net is 61 inches, while the height of a pickleball net is 34 inches

2: Are the court dimensions of Pickleball the same as a badminton court?

The single court of badminton is the same as the pickleball court but the double badminton court is bigger than the court dimensions for Pickleball.

3: What is the height of the net in inches in pickleball?

It’s 34 inches from the center and 36 inches from the sides of the net.

4: What is the kitchen?

It’s a non-volley zone where we can’t volley the ball. It lies on either side of the net.

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