Pickleball hamilton was unknown before, but now it is taking over the city significantly. Pickleball is growing faster than any other game in Canada, and Hamilton is at the center of this craze. With brand new showcase courts of pickleball in Hamilton coming and hundreds of excited players, the pickleball fever has caught on tighter in Hamilton than anywhere else. Get ready to discover why this unique racket-and-ball game is an experience you can’t miss as we dive into the pickleball wave sweeping Hamilton off its feet.

What is Pickleball Hamilton? 

It is a non-profit group whose goal is to grow and promote pickleball in the Hamilton region. Pickleball is an exciting racket sport whose popularity is rapidly increasing across Canada. Hamilton has become one of the top places for this game. The group works hard to make pickleball popular. Similarly, it organizes many programs and events for players. It also has coaching sessions for beginners and experts.

Facility Name
Court Type
Rental Information
Tournament Availability
Confederation Beach Park
Outdoor Showcase
Waterfront, with highway access
May to October, 8 AM to 11 PM
Weekly court rentals available, 6 courts per 2-hour session
Select weekends from May to September, request via email lottery
Hamilton Mountain
Outdoor Renovated
Hamilton Mountain
Summer months
Not specified
Not specified
Various Recreation Centers
Indoor Drop-in
Bernie Morelli, Central Memorial, and more
Not specified, recreational equipment provided
Not specified

Why Hamilton is Famous for Pickleball 

Hamilton is well-known for pickleball for several reasons. The city embraced this sport very early and worked to develop great facilities for the game. In 2015, it joined the city. They converted two old tennis courts into six outdoor pickleball courts. The courts had lights for night play, but the massive growth showed the need for more courts. if you want to know about pickleball court dimensions must read this article!

After meeting with city officials, a big plan was made. Twelve brand-new outdoor pickleball courts will be built, modeled after the Naples complex in Florida. They will be part of the $40 million revamp of Confederation Park. The courts are located near the waterfront and have easy highway access. The aim is to draw players from across the Golden Horseshoe region.

Why Hamilton is Famous for Pickleball 

However, Confederation Park is one of many places for new courts. In just five days, it has raised $25,000. This money will help renovate two dilapidated tennis courts, and six additional outdoor courts will be built on Hamilton Mountain.

When ready, players can access 24 wind-screened, lit courts from May to October yearly, making Hamilton a premier pickleball venue in Canada.

Places to Play Pickleball in Hamilton 

In Hamilton, you’ll discover several pickleball playgrounds throughout the city. They provide plenty of options for your next thrilling match at the kitchen line. Whether you prefer dedicated recreation centers or schools that open their doors to pickleball lovers, Hamilton has something for everyone.

Some conveniently located courts in the city core include:

  • Laval : 135 Bendamere Ave, Hamilton, ON, L9C 1N4
  • Mother Teresa: 50 Lisgar Ct, Hamilton, ON, L8T 4Y4
  • St. Davids: 33 Cromwell Crescent, Hamilton, ON, L8G 2E9
  • St. John the Baptist: 115 London St S, Hamilton, ON, L8K 2G6
  • St. Marguerite D’Youville: 20 Bonaparte Way, Hamilton, ON, L9B 2E3
  • St. Teresa of Calcutta: 1 Rexford Drive, Hamilton, ON, L8W 3E8

Venture a bit further west, and you’ll find:

  • St. John Paul II: 600 Acadia Drive, Hamilton, ON, L8W 3A8
  • St. Jean de Brébeuf Catholic Secondary School: 200 Acadia Dr, Hamilton, ON L8W 1B8

Take notice of the suburb scene too! Check out these prime pickleball playgrounds:

  • B-Town Courts in Burlington: 3485 N Service Rd, Burlington, ON L7N 3G2
  • Huntington Rec Centre: 87 Brentwood Dr, Hamilton, ON L8T 3W4
  • Hill Park: 305 South Bend Rd E, Hamilton, ON, L9A 4K6

Many of these locations offer the convenience of reserving courts in advance through the CourtReserve system. No matter where you play in Hamilton, you will surely find a pickleball playground perfectly suited for your game. 

Pickleball Courts, rentals, and Tournaments

Outdoor Pickleball Courts 

The city is going all out with its outdoor pickleball facilities. The crown jewel is the upcoming 12 new outdoor courts at Confederation Beach Park, modeled after the prestigious Naples, Florida complex. These showcase courts will have a prime waterfront location with easy highway access, aiming to attract players across the Golden Horseshoe region. The courts will be open from 8 AM to 11 PM from May to October.

Outdoor Pickleball Courts 

But that’s not all! Pickleball Hamilton raised funds to renovate two dilapidated tennis courts on Hamilton Mountain into six additional outdoor courts. When complete, players will have access to 24 wind-screened, lit outdoor pickleball courts during the summer months.

Court Rentals 

Need more pickleball? The city has you covered with weekly court rental opportunities at Confederation Beach Park throughout the 2024 season. Each 2-hour rental block from 6:30-8:30 PM allows you to book six courts for an 8-week session. Rental requests must be emailed by February 20, with allocations randomly selected via lottery.


Hamilton is the place to be for pickleball tournaments! The city is considering requests to host tournaments on select weekends from May through September at the Confederation Beach Park outdoor courts. Email your request to recreation. rentals @ hamilton.ca by February 20 to secure your preferred tournament dates through the lottery system.

Indoor Play 

When the weather isn’t cooperating, you can play pickleball indoors at various facilities across Hamilton. Drop-in sessions are available for players 18+ and 55+ at recreation centers like Bernie Morelli, Central Memorial, and more. Recreational paddles and balls are provided. The fun doesn’t stop there! Check the weekly schedules for additional indoor pickleball availability, and browse the linked map to find your nearest outdoor court. Hamilton is undoubtedly the pickleball capital you’ve been searching for!


With a booming population of passionate players, great leadership of Hamilton for pickleball, excellent municipal support, and world-class facilities coming up, it’s natural that pickleball is thriving in Hamilton. As the face of Canada’s fastest-growing sport, Hamilton is the perfect place to play pickleball. Whether you’re an expert or a beginner, join the pickleball craze in Hamilton! Hamilton is waiting for the superheroes of Pickleball.


What are the best places to play pickleball in Hamilton? 

The best pickleball facilities in Hamilton include the upcoming 12 outdoor courts at Confederation Beach Park, the city’s various recreation center drop-in sessions, local YMCA branches, and municipal courts in Milton, Burlington, and beyond.

How do I join the Hamilton pickleball community? 

The best way to get involved is to join Pickleball in Hamilton at www.pickleballhamilton.com and participate in their array of leagues, tournaments, clinics, and events. You can also connect with local players through Facebook groups.

Can I rent pickleball courts in Hamilton?

Yes, you can rent pickleball courts in Hamilton. Weekly court rental opportunities are available at Confederation Beach Park throughout the 2024 season. Each 2-hour rental block allows you to book six courts for an 8-week session. Rental requests must be emailed by February 20, with allocations randomly selected via lottery.

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