Pickleball Highlights! Last year was an eventful year in professional pickleball, filled with exciting play, drama, and changes to the pro circuits. Here are some of the biggest highlights:

Ben Johns and Anna Leigh Waters Keep Winning

Ben Johns and Anna Leigh Waters won a whole bunch of tournaments. Johns racked up an incredible 41 gold medals, while Waters netted 50 golds. Some jaw-dropping stats on the year:

  • Johns won 14 men’s doubles, 16 mixed doubles, and 11 men’s singles titles
  • Waters won 18 women’s doubles, 17 mixed doubles, and 15 women’s singles crowns
  • The pair show no signs of slowing down, with Johns, age 24, and Waters, just 16
  • Waters and Johns could both eclipse 50 career triple-crowns by the end of 2025 if they continue their partnership
ben johns and anna leigh waters keep winning

New Players Do Well

Some new players started winning medals and doing well in tournaments.

  • On the women’s side, Domi Schaefer, Rachel Rohrbacher, and Judit Castillo all reached their first singles podiums
  • The men’s singles saw increased parity, with the likes of Chris Haworth, Aanik Lohani, Gabe Joseph, and Jaume Martinez Vich making deep runs
  • Dylan Frazier and JW Johnson cemented themselves as the clear #2 men’s doubles team behind the Johns brothers

Drama Off the Court

Some players got furious and caused scenes off the court. Pablo Tellez broke a scoreboard. Federico Staksrud yelled at Anna Leigh Waters. Tyson McGuffin blew up at Tyler Loong.

Teams and Players Changed

Many players changed partners during the year. Matt Wright and Riley Newman split up. Lea Jansen retired from singles to focus on doubles. Anna Leigh Waters played with different partners before settling with Catherine Parenteau.

Mixed First Year for Major League Pickleball

The inaugural season of MLP Pickleball provided some of the most intense team competition in pickleball history, but also faced organizational challenges:

  • The LA Mad Drops and Seattle Pioneers emerged as top Premier Division squads
  • Orlando Squeeze and DC Pickleball Team won titles after league promotion/relegation
  • But abbreviated seasons, tour wars with PPA, and legal issues marred the league’s operations
mixed first year for major league pickleball


Overall, The last year showcased pickleball’s progression in showcasing world-class talent and competitive spirit. But work remains in streamlining the governance and operations of the pro tours. If this can be achieved, the future of professional pickleball appears brighter than ever.


Who were the top male and female players last year?

Ben Johns and Anna Leigh Waters.

How many gold medals did Ben Johns win?

41 gold medals.

What new league started last year?

Major League Pickleball (MLP)

Which team emerged as the #2 men’s doubles team?

Dylan Frazier and JW Johnson.

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