Are you ready to transform your pickleball game from average to exceptional? No matter your skill level, focused, smart pickleball practice drills are the key to improvement. This guide brings together tips and tricks from various experts to show you exactly how to up your pickleball game. From beginners to seasoned players, we’ve covered you with drills and Pickleball Tactics to help you play more intelligently, stronger, and more confidently.

Why Backhand is Important in Pickleball

Getting good at backhand shots in pickleball is challenging for many players. It’s tricky because of the way our bodies are built. You must practice and learn how to hold your paddle correctly to make a strong backhand. The best hold for a strong backhand is the continental grip. To do this, line up your thumb and little finger like you will shake hands with someone. Then, put your hand on the paddle handle so your knuckles line up. This grip helps you control the paddle better and strengthens your backhand shots.

Simple Drills to Improve Your Backhand

Dink Groundstroke

This is an excellent drill for better backhand shots near the net. Use the continental grip here. Stand with your feet apart, in line with the net, and use your shoulder, not your wrist or elbow, to move the paddle. It helps make your backhand more reliable.

Simple Drills to Improve Your Backhand

Direction Change

While practicing near the net, try hitting the ball in different directions using your backhand. Keep your wrist and elbow still, and use your shoulder to move the paddle. It helps you control where the ball goes better.

Staying Parallel to the Net

Wait to move your body too much when you do backhand shots near the net. Instead, move sideways by taking small steps. It keeps you ready and in a good position to hit the ball.

Drills for Beginners to Become Pro

Paddle Up:

Keep the ball in the air using your paddle, walking around to improve hand-eye coordination.

Selfie Ball Bounce:

Bounce the ball on your paddle, allowing it to touch the ground between bounces.

Intermediate Player Drills

Triangle Dinking:

Aim your dinks at different markers set around your opponent in a triangular pattern.

Third Shot Drop:

Practice this crucial shot by repeatedly hitting from the baseline into the kitchen.

Advanced Drills for Winners

Hit and Run:

A dynamic drill involving moving from one corner of the court to another, practicing long drives.

Dink and Lob:

Combine dinking and lobbing in one drill to improve your offensive and defensive skills.

Advanced Drills

Drills for Two Players

Pickleball Volley:

A volley battle is focusing on keeping the ball in the air.

Bert and Erne:

Advanced shots taken outside the court, near the net, exploiting a loophole in the rules.

Top Solo Drills

Shadow Swing:

Practice swinging your paddle in the air to improve muscle memory and control.

Serving Accuracy:

Target practice with your serves to enhance precision.

Best Wall Drills

Hit the Target:

Mark a spot on a wall to improve accuracy.

Drive and Move:

Focus on footwork and shot accuracy by driving the ball against a wall and preparing for the rebound.

Wall Drills

Pickleball Machine Drills Magic

Third Shot Drive:

Practice powerful drives with a pickleball machine.

Dink into the Kitchen:

Use the machine to practice landing dinks consistently in the kitchen.

Easy Home Drills

Footwork Exercises:

Practice shuffling and sprints to improve agility and speed.

Fun Drills:

Include reflex training and ‘catch and return’ drills for a more enjoyable practice session.

Developing Essential Skills in Pickleball

it’s important to work on specific skills like keeping your balance, moving quickly and smoothly, reacting fast, and controlling the ball well To be great at pickleball. Practicing these skills regularly and choosing drills that match how good you are at the game and what you need to improve is essential. Whether you’re just starting or have been playing for a while, focusing on these areas will make a big difference in how well you play.

Developing Essential Skills in Pickleball

Practical Drilling Sessions for Pickleball

When planning to practice pickleball, consider what parts of the game you could improve. Use what you have, like space, time, and equipment like pickleball machines. Mix up practicing alone and with others. If you do this regularly, you’ll get better at the parts of the game you could be more decisive in. It’s all about finding the proper drills that work for you and sticking to them. For practical drilling sessions, one must know about Pickleball Coaching.

Utilizing Pickleball Machines for Practice

Pickleball machines are beneficial for practicing on your own. They can be set up to send the ball to you in different ways, with different spins, speeds, and directions. It is great because you can practice hitting different shots and better react to them. Using these machines helps improve your game, especially when you don’t have someone to practice with.


Practicing regularly and with a purpose is the key to getting better at pickleball. Different drills, whether you’re just starting or have been playing for a long time, will help you improve. By adding these drills to your routine, you’ll notice that you’ll start playing better and feeling more confident on the court. Remember, practice makes perfect!


What’s the best grip for backhand shots in pickleball?

The continental grip is ideal for a strong backhand.

How can I practice pickleball alone?

Try solo drills like shadow swings and wall drills, or use a pickleball machine.

What are good beginner drills for pickleball?

Start with ‘Paddle Up’ for coordination and ‘Selfie Ball Bounce’ for control.

How can I improve my pickleball practice sessions?

Focus on your weak points, mix solo and partner drills, and be consistent.

Are there advanced drills for pickleball?

Yes, ‘Hit and Run’ for movement and ‘Dink and Lob’ for strategy are great for advanced players.

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