Before going towards the Results of pickleball we should know that Pickleball is a rapidly growing sport nowadays. It has captured the hearts of players of all ages. It is a paddle sport in which elements of tennis, badminton, and table tennis are combined. This game is gaining popularity across the world. And definitely, pickleball results are also important when different tournaments are played.

This is played on a badminton-sized court with a perforated plastic ball and solid paddles. Tournaments are held all over the world and this sport game is becoming highlighted among professional athletes. We will discuss the more recent pickleball results given below.

Table Information  

Prize Money
PPA Tour Cincinnati Open
Anna Leigh Waters/Catherine Parenteau
USA Pickleball National Championships
Ben Johns (Men’s Singles), Anna Leigh Waters (Women’s Singles)
World Pickleball Championships
Anna Leigh Waters (Women’s Singles)
$1 million

 In the results, we discuss the scores of people and teams, statistics, and ranking of players and teams. These results are important for players and fans because they help them to see what they are doing. On the basis of the results of this sports game, the weaknesses of the players are mentioned, and then try to improve them.


This game is an important resource for players, coaches, and fans. Here are some important features of the results of pickleball are given below.

· Score Reporting

This result provides accurate and detailed pickleball scoring information, in which the final score of each match and game scores are mentioned.

· Player Statistics

Players track their progress and detect deficiencies and then, after this, make sure to make improvements. players can also improve themselves by availing of Pickleball Recordings.

· Tournament Results

This type of result focuses on the tournaments instead of the players. This shows the progression of players and teams throughout the competition. players get a chance to learn Useful PIckleball Tips from different players who played in these Pickleball Events.

Tournament results

· Rankings

On the basis of the results, it has been concluded which is best or, in other words, comparison performed.

· Match Analysis

With the help of match analysis tools, check the lack of work in players and then, with the use of strategic development and learning from previous matches, try to improve.

· Historical Data

By looking at past results of pickleball, we can see how the sport has changed over time and find new players. 

Historical data

Interesting Facts 

· Ben Johns and Anna Leigh Waters are the most famous pickleball players in the world. They have won many super matches. They played well in the USA Pickleball National Championships and the World Pickleball Championships.

· The PPA tour is the most prestigious pickleball tournament in the world. It offers the highest prize money and definitely, and it is definitely the main reason the top pickleball players are attracted.

· The USA Pickleball National Championships are an important tournament in the United States. And they held each year, and from all over the world, the best pickleball players attempt to play in this tournament.

· The World Pickleball Championships are the most important tournament in the world. They are held after every four years.

Here are some of the latest results:

PPA Tour Cincinnati Open (August ) 

· Women’s Doubles: Anna Leigh Waters/Catherine Parenteau

· Men’s Doubles: Ben Johns/Collin Johns

· Mixed Doubles: Anna Leigh Waters/Ben Johns

PPA Tour Cincinnati Open (August 2023)

USA Pickleball National Championships (June ) 

· Men’s Singles: Ben Johns

· Women’s Singles: Anna Leigh Waters

· Men’s Doubles: Ben Johns/Collin Johns

· Women’s Doubles: Anna Leigh Waters/Catherine Parenteau

· Mixed Doubles: Anna Leigh Waters/Ben Johns

World Pickleball Championships (November 2022) 

· Men’s Singles: Federico Staksrud

· Women’s Singles: Anna Leigh Waters

· Men’s Doubles: Ben Johns/Collin Johns

· Women’s Doubles: Anna Leigh Waters/Catherine Parenteau

· Mixed Doubles: Anna Leigh Waters/Ben Johns

World Pickleball Championships


1. Performance evaluation depends.

2. Growth in competition.

3. Fan engagements.

4. Organizers manage tournaments efficiently.

5. Results online.


1. Late results leading to discrepancies.

2. Sometimes, severe injury happens.


· How can I access results?

You can find results of pickleball on tournament websites, dedicated apps, and pickleball community forums.

· What do player rankings indicate?

Player rankings show a player’s standing relative to others based on their performance in tournaments.

· Are there age-specific pickleball results?

Yes, many tournaments categorize results by age groups to ensure fair competition.

· How often are results updated?

Results are typically updated in real-time during tournaments and may also be compiled and published periodically.

· Can I find historical pickleball results?

Yes, some platforms provide access to archived results, allowing you to explore the sport’s history.


Results are significant to the growth and development of this interesting sport. They

pickleball results

help players to see how they are playing and then, after this, how they could improve. And they allow fans to connect with their favorite athletes. They also make the competition more exciting. It is also necessary that the results of pickleball should be accurate and they don’t take away from the fun of the game. 

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