The 2024 pickleball season is shaping up to be the most exciting one yet for players and fans across the globe. With significant tournaments featuring huge prizes, special events spotlighting top talent, and expanded coverage bringing more pickleball action into households, the upcoming competitive schedule has something for enthusiasts of all levels.

From promising young amateurs to decorated professional athletic senior citizens to wheelchair warriors, there will be no shortage of electrifying matchups to satisfy even the rabid lovers of this quickly-growing sport.

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Key Highlights
2024 US Open Pickleball Championships
Naples, Florida, USA
April 12-20, 2024
– Pro, amateur, senior, junior, wheelchair divisionsBiggest annual pickleball tournament$150K prize money
APP Tour Events
Various Locations, USA
Year-round 2024
– 12 total events Increased prize pools: $150K (majors), $100K (primaries) New event types like Collegiate Championships
National Senior Games Tournament
Derry, New Hampshire, USA
August 2024
– For players 50+ years old
Dutch Open Pickleball Tournament
Haarlem, Netherlands
May 2-5, 2024
– International tournament 31 courts Age 12+
New Zealand Masters Games
Dunedin, New Zealand
February 2024
– Competitions for all skill levels $35 per event
2024 US Open Schedule Highlights
Naples, Florida, USA
April 12-20, 2024
– Opening parties and clinicsAmateur doubles events Pro doubles and finals Wheelchair tournaments

Major League Pickleball Australia Announces Expansion for 2024 Season

Major League Pickleball (MLP) Australia has announced an expansion for the 2024 season, highlighted by new partnerships, increased prizes, additional teams, and more events across the Asia-Pacific region.

Partnerships and Prizes MLP Australia and Pacific Pickleball will offer $700,000 in total prizes next season, the highest amount ever for pickleball outside the United States. It marks a new partnership between the leagues to promote and grow the sport in the region. you must know about Pickleball Drills to improve your performance

New Teams and Captains

The 2024 season welcomes eight new professional teams and captains. New squads from New Zealand, Asia, and Southeast Asia are joining the four existing Australian teams.

new teams and captains

New Teams and Captains for the 2024 Season:

  • Katy Hart will captain the Eastern Rush
  • Jai Grewal will captain the Southern Stars
  • George Wall will captain the Fast Fours
  • Somer Dalla-Bona will captain the Northern Crocs
  • Andrew Horridge will captain the Western Vipers
  • Matt Carter will captain the New Zealand Hustle

Additionally, two new Asia-based teams were announced:

  • Asia Aces, captained by Venise Chan
  • SEA Surge, headed by Pei Chuan Kao

Returning teams and captains:

  • Mitch Hargreaves will return as captain of the Sydney Smash
  • Sarah Burr will return as captain of the Gold Coast Glory
  • Aaron Blitz will return as captain of the Melbourne Mavericks
  • Ludovica Sciaky will return as captain of the Brisbane Breakers

The 2024 MLP Australia season promises to be the biggest and most exciting yet, thanks to new partnerships, record prizes, team expansions across the region, and more events for fans to enjoy the thrilling competition.

Major Pickleball Tournaments and Events in 2024

  • US Open Pickleball Championships: You may join Naples, Florida, on April 13-23, 2024  for the Minto US OPEN Pickleball Championships; this renowned tournament attracts top pickleball players worldwide.
  • Association of Pickleball Professionals (APP) Tour: The APP Tour features professional pickleball tournaments throughout the year, including the APP Nationals and the APP Masters.
  • National Senior Games Pickleball Tournament: This tournament, held in August 2024 in Derry, New Hampshire, is open to pickleball players aged 50 and over.
  • Dutch Open Pickleball: Held in Haarlem, Netherlands, from May 3 to 5, 2024, this international tournament attracts players from Europe and beyond.
  • New Zealand Masters Games Pickleball: This event, held in Dunedin, New Zealand, in February 2024, features pickleball competitions for players of all ages and skill levels.

2024 US Open Pickleball Championships Schedule

The 2024 US Open Pickleball Championships will take place April 12-20  in Naples, Florida. The schedule features a variety of events for pros, amateurs, seniors, juniors, and wheelchair players.

Opening Weekend Festivities

The opening weekend, April 12-14, starts the celebrations with parties, clinics, qualifying matches, and the first medal events.

  • Kids Day – Friday, April 12
  • Party in the Park – Saturday, April 13
  • Live music, food, practice courts, pro clinics, on-site registration
  • Pros warm up on the central court (free for spectators)
  • Men’s Pro Singles Qualifying
  • Sunday, April 14: Singles medal events
  • Wheelchair singles
  • Pro singles
  • Amateur singles divisions by age and skill level (must have a 3.5+ rating to play)

Amateur Doubles Events

The next three days, April 15-17, feature amateur doubles medal events across various age divisions (must have a 4.0+ rating to play).

  • Monday, April 15: Men’s and Women’s Doubles
  • Age divisions: 19+, 25+, 30+, 35+, 40+, 45+, 50+, 55+, 60+, 65+, 70+, 75+, 80+
  • US Open Pro Split Age Event (prize money, partners split above/below age 50)
  • Tuesday, April 16: Mixed Doubles
  • Age divisions: 19+, 25+, 30+, 35+, 40+, 45+, 50+, 55+, 60+, 65+, 70+, 75+, 80+
  • US Open Pro Split Age Event (prize money, partners split above/below age 50)
  • Wednesday, April 17: Men’s Doubles
  • Skill levels: 3.0–5.0 (split into age groups)
  • Senior Pro Men’s Doubles (4.0+, pros only)

Pro and Wheelchair Events

Thursday, April 18 through Saturday, April 20, feature pro doubles medal events, finals, and wheelchair tournaments.

  • Thursday, April 18: Women’s Doubles
  • Amateur skill levels and age groups
  • Senior Pro Women’s Doubles (4.0+, pros only)
  • Wheelchair men’s and women’s doubles
  • Friday, April 19
  • Pro Men’s and Women’s Doubles
  • Senior Pro Mixed Doubles
  • Mixed amateur skill/age groups
  • Junior singles & mixed doubles
  • Saturday, April 20
  • Mixed Pro Doubles and Finals
  • Pro Men’s and Women’s Finals
  • Mixed wheelchair hybrid division
  • Mixed amateur groups
  • Junior doubles
Pro and Wheelchair Events

The schedule allows athletes of all ages and ability levels to participate and celebrate the sport of pickleball at one of its biggest annual tournaments.

Association of Pickleball Players Announces Robust 2024 Schedule

The Association of Pickleball Players (APP) has unveiled an ambitious calendar for 2024 featuring over 20 events across multiple tournament series and platforms.

Enhanced APP Tour

·         12 total APP Tour events

1.   4 new APP Tour Majors held at premier venues offering $150,000  prize pools

2.       8 APP Tour Primary events with $100,000 prize pools

·         Tripled and doubled purse sizes from 2024; continue commitment to growing pro player earnings

New APP Signature Events

·         Special one-off tournaments in unique formats to showcase pickleball

·         Inaugural APP Collegiate Championships (January 2024)

1.       Top college teams competing for the first-ever national title

·         AARP Champions Cup (50+ players)

APP Women’s Open

·         APP U.S. Indoor Championships (rotating locations)

·         APP Atlantic Cup (USA vs Europe)

Expanded Broadcast Package

·         Enhanced digital streaming and linear T.V. coverage to be announced

·         Bringing more pickleball into the homes of fans globally

APP Next Gen Series

·         3 events for junior players aged 16-23

·         Identify and develop the next generation of pro players

·         The 2024 National Team roster is to be unveiled in January

International Growth

·         Building on partnerships in England, Spain, Sweden, India, and Australia

·         Continued commitment to accelerating worldwide pickleball participation

With its most extensive schedule yet, bigger prizes and events, new formats and platforms, and an expanded global footprint, the APP seeks to further its mission as the primary driver of competitive and recreational pickleball in 2024 and beyond.

Gear Up for the High-Flying Dutch Open Pickleball Tournament in 2024!

Prepare for an epic international pickleball party at the 5th annual Dutch Open, returning to Haarlem, Netherlands, from May 2-5, 2024! With 31 courts at the Kennemer Sporthal venue and competitions open to players of all levels ages 12 and up, this jam-packed weekend offers a little something for everyone.

Smash and volley through three jam-packed days of round-robin and bracket-style play. Take on all comers in singles, doubles, and mixed doubles matches across multiple age and skill divisions – with medal glory awaiting the top finishers!

Not just thrilling pickleball awaits – expect a famously fun-loving Dutch atmosphere filled with socializing and celebration off the courts, too. Join Friday practice sessions, and don’t miss the Saturday player banquet!

With registration opening soon, secure your spot to experience one of Europe’s premier pickleball party tournaments. Players from over 20 countries have already enjoyed Dutch hospitality and world-class competition – why not be part of pickleball history yourself in 2024?

Get Your Paddle Ready for the 2024 Dunedin Pickleball Open!

Join the fun at New Zealand’s premier pickleball tournament in Dunedin from February 7-10, 2024! At the Otago Badminton Centre, this 4-day event packs nonstop action across multiple divisions for competitive and social players aged 40 and above.

Smash groundstrokes, finesse drop shots, and blast overheads alongside 100+ fellow players in men’s, women’s, and mixed doubles showdowns. Enter up to two events, like Women’s Doubles or Mixed Doubles, for just $35 per tournament. With medals and glory up for grabs, play downgrades to find the right level or take on all challengers in the competitive division!

Bring your best game to scenic Dunedin for a long weekend loaded with pickleball under the guidance of official World Pickleball Association rules. Rally your way to the medal stand at New Zealand’s must-play tournament!


All types will shine bright in 2024 pickleball. Amateurs will keep battling at local clubs for pride. The world’s best pros will put on dazzling shows at significant events.

pickleball season

More fans than ever will tune in as the sport grows more popular. But it’s all about having fun and meeting people who love this silly game. In 2024, we’ll make lasting memories, no matter your skill. What an incredible year it’s going to be on the courts!

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