PPA Tour Finals! The Professional Pickleball Association (PPA) season concluded spectacularly with the CIBC PPA Tour Finals in San Clemente. The top eight teams and players in each pro division were showcased at this exclusive event, inspired by the ATP and WTA tennis tours. It displayed skill, strategy, and endurance as participants battled in round-robin play to secure their places in the history of this rapidly growing sport. Let’s have a look at the conqueror of the pickleball court in the PPA Tour Finals.

Men’s Pro Singles Highlights

  • Pool 1: Ben Johns, Connor Garnett, and Christian Alshon recorded 2-1 win-loss records; Johns emerged as group leader, Alshon second.
  • Pool 2: Federico Staksrud and Tyson McGuffin started strong; Staksrud is undefeated in the group.
  • Knockout Stage: Alshon defeated Staksrud in an upset; Ben Johns won over McGuffin.
  • Finals: Alshon pushed Johns to the limit but lost 13-11 in a closely contested final.

Women’s Pro Singles Recap

  • Pool 1: Mary Brascia and Anna Leigh Waters dominated; Waters topped the group.
  • Pool 2: Irina Tereschenko advanced due to Lea Jansen’s withdrawal.
  • Final Face-off: Waters defeated Catherine Parenteau in the final.

Mixed Pro Doubles Highlights

  • Pool 1 Upsets: Ana Bright & James Ignatowich defeated Johns & Waters.
  • Pool 2 Upsets: Newman & David missed playoffs; Kovalova and Wright advanced.
  • Knockouts and Final: Johns & Waters regained form, defeating Wright & Kovalova in the semi-finals and the Johnson siblings in the final.

Men’s Pro Doubles Recap

  • Pool 1 Drama: Johns’s brothers topped the pool amidst the on-court drama.
  • Pool 2 Surprises: Dylan Frazier & JW Johnson were eliminated early; Newman & Wilson topped the group.
  • Final: Johns brothers won over Newman & Wilson, securing Ben Johns’ 24th professional triple crown.

Women’s Pro Doubles Recap

  • Dominant Pool Performances: Waters & Parenteau and Bright & David led their respective pools.
  • Final: Waters & Parenteau won over Bright & David, earning Waters her 22nd career professional triple crown.

Senior Pro Competitions

  • Men’s Champions Pro Singles: Matthias Johansson won the title.
  • Men’s Champions Pro Doubles: Dan Traxler & Lew Lewis secured their first senior gold medals.


The PPA Tour Finals were a testament to the growth and excitement surrounding pickleball. From unexpected upsets to dominating performances, the event had it all, setting a high bar for future competitions in this rapidly expanding sport.


Who won the Men’s Pro Singles at the PPA Tour Finals?

Ben Johns emerged as the Men’s Pro Singles category champion, defeating Christian Alshon in a tightly contested final with a score of 13-11.

What were the standout upsets in the Mixed Pro Doubles category?

Ana Bright & James Ignatowich were significantly impacted by defeating the top-seeded team of Johns & Waters in Pool 1. Additionally, in Pool 2, Newman & David’s top-seeded team unexpectedly missed the playoffs.

How did Anna Leigh Waters perform in the Women’s Pro Singles?

Anna Leigh Waters performed in the Women’s Pro Singles, topping Pool 1 and eventually winning the final against Catherine Parenteau.

Which players won the Senior Pro Competitions?

Matthias Johansson clinched the title in the Men’s Champions Pro Singles, while Dan Traxler & Lew Lewis won the Men’s Champions Pro Doubles, securing their first senior pro gold medals.

Did any player achieve a significant milestone at the PPA Tour?

Ben Johns achieved a remarkable milestone by securing his 24th professional triple crown after winning the Men’s Pro Doubles category with his brother, Collin Johns.

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